Terrance B the Hypnotist Show Review Aboard NCL Dawn

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Terrance B the Hypnotist garnered the largest crowds of any performers thus far on the cruise- nearly a full house. He started out by testing the audience and selecting "volunteers" who seem to take on his suggestions. So if you don't want to be picked, just keep your eyes open and ignore his commands.

Then the funny bits start as he hypnotizes the volunteers and puts them to do his bidding such as sleeping, dancing, making funny movements, and smelling stink. One of the guests even urinated in his pants after being hypnotized to sleep- feel bad for him. Terrance B did a better show than the other hypnotist we saw on the Norwegian Pearl, but the material wasn't anything new to us. It was entertaining and the crowd had a blast, however.

It was an enjoyable show- I would give it 4/5 stars.

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