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I was led to believe that the Paul Scally Show was going to be some sort of variety show performed by various entertainers who have performed with on the cruise before. Nope- the show was pretty much a one-man performance (with the help at the beginning by the dancers and at parts by the band) by cruise director Paul Scally. It was pretty much a comedic performance, and a fairly entertaining one at that. I was frankly a bit surprised and impressed that Paul Scally could do an entire show by himself, but he seemed at ease as he delivered cruise-theme jokes and sang- even danced danced a bit at the beginning. A little improv comedy there at the end as he brought a woman from the audience to have fun with and sing to. It wasn't the best or most extravagant show, but it had me laughing. This is our 7th cruise and the first time we've seen a cruise director do a show.

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