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The Disney Character Breakfast for us occurred at the second sea day of our 7 night Disney Wonder Cruise. The meal time "tickets" we received indicated the exact time- Thursday morning 8:15 AM at Parrot Cay.

We arrived a little before 8:10 and there was already a substantial crowd waiting to get it. Once we got in we were presented with the menu, which had choices for both adults and kids. It was by all means not a very fancy menu- our sit-down breakfast the previous day at Triton's was much better. You can order omelets, hash browns, sausages, and oatmeal, but nothing put-together into any semblance of a dish.

The Disney characters started coming around the tables about 10 minutes into the dining room, with each accompanied by a "chaperone". You and your family would pose with a character, and the chaperone would take a photo with your camera. We did wish that the "visits" were less rushed- you pretty much have 2 chances to get your photo taken with a specific character, and if your child is not looking into the camera on both tries- oh well for you.

For our Character Breakfast, we had Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Pluto, Goofy, plus Chip and Dale. No Donald Duck unfortunately. The night before we did see Donald when he showed up towards the end for the Fiesta dance class at the Studio at Sea, but he didn't stick around to pose for photos. He did come out for photos one night so we finally were able to take a picture with him then.

The Disney Character Breakfast aboard our Disney Wonder Cruise was a very nice way to take family pictures with six different characters. Too bad the breakfast was less preferable than a buffet breakfast (fewer choices and food was slow to come out), and the character visits were rushed. Still if you go on a Disney cruise, this is a can't miss opportunity to get your photos taken with several characters within an hour or so. Oh- and make sure you bring a camera was not very bright.

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