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On the last full day on ship, The Explorer of Seas promotion by Royal Caribbean was offered in the form of Spa Topia (Includes Full body exfoliation, Hot stone back massage, Frangipani scalp massage, Anti aging or Deep cleansing mini facial foot and Ankle massage, Hand & arm massage). Those were the treatments and it was advertised as 75 minutes for $99. I signed up for this facial/massage package and my experience was a little bit disappointing.

I was there 15 minutes before appointment and was sent to their waiting room which was a small area with some chairs and fake trees. The waiting area had a view to the ocean and they also had a water station with lemon water, cucumber water and regular water, and they had as well a very small coffee/tea station (though the hot water kettle was empty).

I was there 15 minutes early but I had to wait for about 25 minutes total. I started out with a little consultation with the masseuse. She then started out with giving me a full body exfoliation by using a body brush to lightly and briefly brush on my body. She then gave me a back massage which was actually pretty good (she focused on the areas that I asked her to pay extra attention to) and she used the warm oil on me which was really nice. Then she paused for a second and asked me if it's too hot, at first I thought she meant the warm oil that she was using to massage me, thus I said just "no". Suddenly I felt a big stronger heat for few seconds during her massage (I later realized that it was what they called "hot stone back" which was very disappointing since I was expecting hot stones on my back for at least some minutes or so).

After that she started on cleaning my face and put a mask on me, and meanwhile she started to massage my arms and then gave me a foot and ankle massage which was nice. She finished off with cleaning the mask off my face and put some lotion on my face. I didn't like how she kept trying to sell beauty products and when I showed no interest, then she didn't bother to give me some water as she promised.

My overall experience with her wasn't bad and her massage skill was actually pretty good. The discount from the original price turned out to be $25. Also, 18% gratuity was automatically added. In conclusion, I'd give the experience a 3.5 out of 5 rating.

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