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This outfit is pretty terrible. I saw a special on, and I wanted to book two cruises. I called them at around noon CST yesterday, and they collected my info and said a consultant would call me back, etc. So 4 hours go by and nothing, so I called them back. I get transferred to the voicemail of my "agent", where I left a message to call me back ASAP. Noboby has called me back, even a day later, and the even more annoying thing is that the prices on the sailings I'm interested in have gone UP. In fact, the Norwegian Getaway one that I was interested in jumped $100 extra per person.

After this poor experience, I don't think I will use them as my Travel Agent any longer. You'd think that as a "Loyalty Club" member (one who has booked multiple cruises with them in the past) you won't get treated badly like this. But if you value your time and money, I'd recommend steering away from them. I should have gone with Travelocity as I saw that they had a special one day with $100 extra cruise cash yesterday. But I was waiting for the call-back from Crucon and missed it. This won't happen to me again I promise you that.

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Sorry to hear about your poor experience with this company, ManyC. I have booked with them before and have had mostly positive experiences. I do have to say that if anyone is booking through Carnival, it may be best to avoid using a travel agency, and book their EARLY SAVER rate. I recently had a substantial price drop on a Carnival Breeze cruise I booked with Crucon, and they pretty much told me too bad (this was two weeks after the final payment date). I called Carnival, and they said talk to the TA. So lesson learned there for sure.

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