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This is the latest listing of the cable/satellite channels being shown by Carnival. Specifically, the info was derived from a recent cruise aboard the Carnival Breeze. The one big omission is the lack of ESPN, so that is certainly a negative for those who follow sports. Don't expect live basketball on TNT either, because that particular channel on Carnival is the "Latin America" version, which only seems to show movies. There is no CNBC either to check on the stock market. It was nice, however, to have CBS/NBC/ABC, even though those channels are from a local Miami affiliate.

11: Fun For All TV

13: Cruise Director

14: Channel Information/Guide

15: Discovery Channel

16: Fun Aboard

17: Shore Excursions

18: Map Channel

19: Forward Camera View

20: Lido Camera View (View of Pool Deck)

21: Audio FunTimes

22: CBS

23: NBC

24: ABC

25: FOX

26: CNN Headline News HNL

27: CNN International

28: CNN Espanol

29: Boomerang

30: Cartoon Network

31: TNT Latin America

32: TCM

33: Fun Finds TV

34: Complimentary Movie

35: Complimentary Movie

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