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Here you have the latest cable/satellite channels on the TV inside NCL cabins. The listing was from the Norwegian Getaway from May of 2014, but should prove to be consistent across all Norwegian Cruise Line ships. There is good news for sports fans as there is ESPN and an Euro-sport channel called Sport 24. Despite ESPN being badly pixelated at times, it is better than having nothing. See screenshot:

Sport 24 was showing soccer (aka football to the Europeans) and tennis most of the time. Unfortunately, however, there is no local affiliate channels such as ABC, CBS, NBC or FOX. At least there is CNBC for the financial buffs, and several news channels in BBC World News, MSNBC, & Fox News. In addition to the lone movie channel, you can view complimentary movies via an interactive menu from the TV.

Nickelodeon is nice to have for the kids, and not surprising to see NCL carry it as they have a partnership relationship.

9: TV Guide

10: Safety (repeated loops of cruise ship safety-related videos)

12: Norwegian Channel (Documentaries of NCL ships such as the building of the Norwegian Getaway, a sailing of the Epic, and an episode of Undercover Boss starring CEO Kevin Sheehan)

13: Activities Channel (let's you know the activities onboard, and also replays of audience participation activities such as Dancing with the Stars)

15: Onboard Offerings

16: Shopping (talks about shopping & tips at various ports)

17: Shore Excursions/Cruise Rewards

19: Nickelodeon

20: Live in Convert (recorded concert shows of famous musicians/artists)

21: Scan Display (informational channel displaying map of the ship's surroundings, temperature, humidity, sunrise/sunset times, etc.)

22: Bridge Camera

23: BBC World News

24: CNBC


26: Fox News

27: ESPN

28: Sport 24

29: Engage

30: Favorite Shows

31: Favorite Movies

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