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The gym aboard the Norwegian Getway, called the Pulse Fitness Center, has above-average hours of availability. It opens at 6 AM and doesn't close until 11 PM. Most cruises ships shut down the exercise room at 10 PM, so the extra hour is much appreciated especially for those who like to dine a little later, and watch the second showtime for performances at the theater.

In the future, it would be great to see cruise lines take things even further by having the gym close at midnight, or even have it open 24 hours. Hey- gotta work off all those extra calories from all the yummy food, right? Smile

Mandara, the ship's spa & salon, opens bright and early at 8 AM, and does not cease operation until 10 PM. The same goes for the barber shop for men.

BTW, on the last day of the cruise, the Spa/Salon & Barber Shop close at 8 PM. That's fine, but unfortunately what we discovered is that they shutdown the main access door that provides access to the Pulse Fitness Center as well, so theoretically, the gym also closes early on the final night.

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