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These are the prices we found for the beverages of the mini bar from the Carnival Breeze cruise ship in 2014.

Carnival Mini Bar Price List


  • VSOP Cognac: $7

  • Chivas REgal Scotch: $7.50

  • Tanqueray Gin: $6.50

  • Bacardi Rum: $5.95

  • Absolut Vodka: $5.95

  • Canadian Club Whisky: $5.75


  • Heineken, 16 oz: $5.95

  • Heineken Light, 16 oz: $5.95

Soft Drinks

  • Rockstar: $4.75

  • Rockstar Sugar Free: $4.75

  • 1.5 liter Bottled Water (Crystal Geyser): $4.25

  • Coca-Cola: $1.95

  • Diet Coke: $1.95

  • Sprite: $1.95

  • Orange Juice: $1.95

  • Tonic Water: $1.95

It may be prudent if you are into drinks to order their drink package which may help you save over the cost of the ones in your stateroom. There is also a 15% "re-stocking" fee if you consume any of the mini-bar items.

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