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Being one of the newer, more advanced cruise ships, the Oasis of the Seas (and Allure of the Seas) also boast Internet/Wi-Fi usage packages that are significantly less expensive than what we have seen. The 7 Day Plan, with unlimited usage for one device, is $139.95. If you are a Crown and Anchor Member (Royal Caribbean's cruise loyalty program), however, there is a discount on the first plan you buy on the cruise. For instance, our price was $125.95 after the C&M coupon.

As our transatlantic cruise aboard the Oasis was 12 days, there is an option to stretch the coverage to the entire cruise for $274.95, or $247.45 with coupon. Alternatively, there is a less appealing, unlimited 1 day pass that costs $49.95.

Despite the attractive price for the single week unlimited access, the individual one hour plans that go for $19.95 may be the best bet economically if you are not a heavy user. It costs $19.95 for 60 minutes, which comes out to roughly 33 cents per minute. Not bad considering usually $100 would get you about 250 minutes on an NCL ship, or much higher than we saw aboard the Explorer of the Seas. You would need to click the log-off button at the sign-in screen (or type LOGOFF.com at the address bar & press ENTER) to stop a particular session to preserve the remaining minutes. There was no activation fee which was nice.

There were free link such as the official Royal Caribbean Quantum of the Seas website you could visit without having to log on and spend minutes, but for some reason they did not work for me.

In addition, if you try to check a VOIP site such as Skype or Google Voice, you may find the site blocked as the cruise ship doesn't want you to make calls through it since it could be far cheaper than a regular phone call. In addition, speed-wise, it was somewhat disappointing to find that it wasn't any faster than older ships.

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