Oasis of the Seas Parade (First One of Cruise) in Pictures

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On our cruise aboard the Explorer of the Seas last year, we were treated to a raucous, fun parade on the first evening of the cruise. So we built up strong anticipation for the one scheduled on the second day of our Transatlantic Cruise aboard the Oasis. Instead of at night, it was to held at 12:30 PM.

To get a good spot, we waited at the Promenade about 15 minutes before it started, and got a table in front of Sorrento's Pizza. If you don't mind sitting, you can line up at the parade start area to the side about 5 minutes beforehand, and still get a great view.

Here the Metal Ball opens up above the Globe & Atlas pub, and smoke is seem coming out.

Next, and somewhat surprisingly, a walkway/bridge of sorts extended itself out of the globe. Amidst upbeat music, the parade then began, started from the forward side of the promenade.

Here were several women in very colorful international costumes, each seemingly with influence from a different country.

The ship's casino team were seen here. They didn't dress up in costumes probably because they had to hurry back to work. People must and will gamble! Wink

In this photo you can see a crew member on stilts on the left side.

Now things got really interesting as the talented female acrobat takes to the air on the circus ring.

This group was in African-inspired colorful costumes.

Here the gymnast is suspended upside down. The muti-color lighting of the ceiling make for a nice backdrop.

The parade neared its conclusion, and confetti fell from the ceiling.

Perhaps because of when the parade took place, it did not seem as exciting as the one we experience on the Explorer. Still, it was a fun, festive event that we really enjoyed.

Here is a video we took of the parade:

Please feel free to contact us if you would like high-resolution versions of the photos.

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