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On our recent Transatlantic cruise on the Oasis of the Seas, we tried out the DreamWorks Character Breakfast Experience. Even though Royal Caribbean had announced that cruises sailing after September 1, 2014 would be charging for the event, ours was free. I had booked it online a week before embarkation, but it proved to be unnecessary as spots were still available when we checked on the TV screen on day 1. On this particular (and rare) 12 day cruise for the Oasis, there were 3 days that offered the character breakfast. Despite this, it would be wise to reserve your seats ahead of time just in case. Note that the DreamWorks Character Breakfast is only available on certain ships: Oasis, Allure of the Seas, Voyager of the Seas, Freedom of the Seas, Mariner of the Seas & Liberty of the Seas.

The breakfast started at 7:45 AM, which was a tad too early for our taste. Ours was on the second day, so our hopes of sleeping in after a tiring first day were dashed. Held at the now defunct Opus dining room, we were surprised that it wasn't in a completely separate area. You can see other cruisers who were not part of the event simply walking around and gathering food from the breakfast buffet.

We did have our own special menu, however, so that was exciting. It was in color, and had characters from Shrek, Kung-fu Panda and Madagascar movies. The items offered were as follows (many with humorous & whimsical names):

Chocolate Spells

  • Chocolate Love Potions (Hot chocolate or chocolate milkshake)

  • After Sunset Chocolate Dreams (chocolate banana bread, muffin, croissant, or hazelnut cake)

  • Perfect Ganache Griddle ("true love" waffles with chocolate-caramel banana topping)

Magic Potions

  • Kick Me Orange Juice

  • Not-so-poisoned Apple Juice

  • Rotten Tomato Juice

  • Fire Hot Chocolate

  • Fairytale Tea

  • Stinky Coffee-Breath

Specialty Potions (Available at current bar pricing)

  • Before sunrise Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice

  • Wake up and Smell the Expresso

  • Last Hope Cappuccino

  • Reward for a Latte

  • We need another Cafe Mocha

Selection of Freshly Baked Pastries

  • served with cream cheese, butter or margarine & your choice of: orange marmalade, strawberry jam, grape jelly, honey, blackberry preserves, & apple cinnamon jelly

International Adventures

  • Me! Me! Oh Pick Me! Crunchy Granola (with seasonal fruit salad & topped with natural jungle yogurt)

  • Crack-a-lackin' Smoked Salmon Plate (served with cream cheese & traditional garnishes)

Better Out Than in Egg Shack

  • That's some Dazzlin' Scrambled Eggs (served with hash-brown potatoes & hickory-smoked bacon)

  • All I want is... Breakfast (2 fried eggs prepared to order, served with hash-brown potatoes & bacon)

  • I am loving the sound of... Omelet (your choice of a cheese omelet or ham & cheese omelet, served with the same potatoes & bacon)

All You have to Do is Ask For.... Healthy Plates

  • I liked the ... Cold Cereals

  • Off the chizzin... Hot Cereals (ancient receipt for old-fashioned oatmeal), cream of wheat, or grits

  • Give it a Chance Favorite Fruits

  • Fresh-a-liscious Yogurt Selection

Just for Kids

  • Let's go wild for Pancakes (buttermilk or daily special, served with syrup)

  • You might even enjoy Waffles

  • Love potions (milk, hot chocolate, orange or apple juice)

The food was just fine- nothing really stood out. You could also order from the regular breakfast menu, or go for the buffet. The main motivation for this outing was to see and take photos with the cool DreamWorks characters. The first to appear was Alex the Lion from Madagascar.

Next it was the zany King Julien:

Then Gloria the Hippo made her appearance:

Interestingly only those 3 characters made an appearance, but they each made their way around so every table could take a photo with them. The "assistants" would also dance along with the characters, sing happy birthday, etc. I imagine other characters would appear in other dates, but we didn't bother to book because it was a bit underwhelming compared to the Disney Character Breakfast Experience we had aboard the Disney Wonder and the non-complimentary NCL's Nickelodeon Character Breakfast from the Norwegian Epic. It just didn't seem to be enough of a coordinated "production", but since it was free, we were quite appreciative of it, especially since our little one had some nice photo-ops. Smile

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