Piraeus X80 Bus to Athens Info: Where to Buy Tickets

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The Port of Piraeus, Greece, is the cruise gateway to Athens. You can arrange your own DIY excursion day trip to Athens from Piraeus by using convenient and cheap transportation in the form of a bus called the X80. The route costs just 4 EUROS per person, and you can take as many trips/stops as you want within a 24 hour period. The timetable for the bus is every half hour from 7 in the morning to 9 in the evening.

These walking directions will show you where to purchase the tickets, and then where to get to the location of the bus stop. You will also see where to get off at to reach the Acropolis and other tourist spots in Athens.

1. Make your way through the Cruise Terminal A towards the exit.

2. If you need help, there is a help desk right outside.

3. Keep walking towards the outdoor parking lot.

4. Walk along the fence for about 5 minutes, then turn right towards the street, and you will see the ticket booth.

5. Purchase the ticket- this is what it looks like:

6. Cross the street to the bus stop which is situated directly outside DHL.

7. Wait for the bus to arrive- it will say X80 on the electronic sign on the top front of the bus.

8. Ride the bus for about half an hour and you will be at the Acropolis stop in Athens. The stop is called Syntagma Square/Town Center.

9. When you are done visiting the Acropolis, Plaka, and other cool places in the city, return to the same area, but across the street from where you got off in the morning. The correct bus stop will be right outside of a store called Emzo Furs.

10. Wait for the bus, then show the same ticket(s) to the driver again and in very little time you will be back at the Port of Piraeus before the all aboard time for your cruise ship.

Below is a helpful map we made to help you reach the ticket booth and then the bus stop. If you are in terminal B, it is an even shorter walk.

When you get to Athens, it is about a 10 to 15 minute walk to the Acropolis entrance. On the way back don't forget to visit Syntagma Square for the changing of the guards there which happens at the top of the hour. The Temple of Zeus is nearby as well, and included with the Acropolis ticket.

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