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We were aboard the newly-renovated Norwegian Star where one of the additions was 5 O'Clock Somewhere Margaritaville Bar on Deck 7. It was easily accessible from the atrium/front desk. Inspired by the Jimmy Buffet bar on land, it has a hut-like look with a tropical mural in the background. Two flat screen TVs flanked the side of the room, and there was also a Karaoke stage where guests can have fun with.

The drinks were reasonably priced, and if are looking to save a few dollars you take advantage of its Happy Hour Specials between 5 and 7 PM, where select specialty drinks are $6.95 and Landshark bottled beer is $3.50.

All the drinks are also available in a 20 ounce take-home Margaritaville blender cup for $8.

The complete menu is as follows:

Boat Drinks:

  • 5' O'Clock Somewhere for $8.95 (qualifies for happy hour)

  • Tranquil Waters for $8.75 (qualifies for happy hour)

  • Bahama Mama ($7.75)

  • Incommunicado ($8.95)

Margaritas for $10.75 each

  • Who's to Blame (eligible for happy hour)

  • Watermelon Margarita (eligible for happy hour)

  • Uptown Margarita

  • Last Mango in Paris (eligible for happy hour)

  • Perfect Margarita

See a video of the new bar on the Star here:

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