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For an upcoming Princess Cruise Line sailing that we booked, we wanted to take advantage of Carnival Corporation (parent company of Princess) Shareholder benefit of additional OBC (on-board credit). You get $250 for sailings of 14 days+, $100 for 7 to 13 days, and $50 for 6 days or less if you are a CCL shareholder of 100 or more shares.

We recently purchased some CCL stock, and wanted to take advantage of the perk. The instructions, however, listed the following as the proof of ownership:

  • shareholder proxy card

  • shares certificate

  • dividend tax voucher

  • current brokerage statement

Unfortunately since we just bought the stock a couple days on February 1, 2018, the January brokerage statement did not include that transaction. A screenshot of our current brokerage portfolio would likely not suffice as well, so we tried sending in the trade confirmation as proof instead, even though it wasn't listed. It worked without any problem, and showed up alongside with our existing OBC that we received from the promotion our travel agency ran when we booked.

To be specific, the steps we undertook to get the Carnival Shareholder Credit were the following:

  1. Ensure that the cruise vacation is 2 weeks or more away as that is one of the requirements to get the Shareholder benefit

  2. Download the trade confirmation as a PDF file from the online site of our brokerage. For security reasons you might want to cross out the account #'s and any other sensitive info first using a PDF editor. Word or Photoshop (even Photoshop Elements) should work. If you can't edit it directly, you can print it out, take a photo of it in your smartphone, then edit the picture with a free photo editing app, saving the resulting .JPG file.

  3. Write a brief fax cover text that includes your sailing confirmation number. Here is what we wrote which you can use as a template: Hi- please apply Carnival shareholder benefit onboard credit for my upcoming ____ Day Princess (change this to Carnival, Holland America, or whichever other sub-brand of Carnival you are going on) cruise. Attached is a copy of my trade confirmation of my recent purchase of CCL stock (____ shares). My phone number is: ____ in case you need to reach me. Thank you. Reservation Booking #: _______

  4. Use to send the fax for free. Paste in the cover letter text from step 3, browse and attach the trade confirmation PDF or JPG file, then click "Send Free Fax Now".

  5. Confirm the fax request in your email account, and within a few minutes you should get another email saying the fax was successful.

  6. The next day, log into your Cruise line web account (e.g., select your booking (for us we have to click "Mange This Booking") and see if the OBC has been applied to the sailing. For us, on, we then went to "Payment & Credits" after picking the booking, and this is what it looked like:

Hope this helps! We're hoping the CCL stock will hold up during this period crazy stock market volatility, lol.

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