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The location of Moderno Churrascaria aboard the Norwegian Dawn is where the former Tex-Mex specialty restaurant was at on Deck 8, right next to the Blue Lagoon. We made reservations for the earliest time which was when they opened at 5:30 PM. We were seated at a window-side table with a nice view of the ocean.

First the bread was brought out in the form of lollipop sized balls. Pao de Queijo, or Brazilian Cheese Bread, was quite tasty. Soft on the outside and with a buttery and mild cheese flavor. We then headed to the salad bar. The selection there certainly trumps what is available at the Garden Cafe by a a long shot. The taste of the items were good but nothing really stood out. Unfortunately we forgot to try the seafood cerviche.

The side dishes were nothing to write home about- small pots of rice, beans, mashed potato and fried bananas. Then the meats came. The sausages were a bit too salty. The chicken legs were nicely flavored and moist, though the bacon-wrapped chicken breast wasn't as good. Then came the pork ribs, which were supposed to have been marinated in red wine and spices, but tasted tough and dry. The lamb ribs which came next were excellent- juicy and flavorful. The filet mignon that came next was good but not enough flavor. The beef brisket was very fatty and moist and tender. Next came a spiced pineapple which gave a refreshing taste.

Desserts were good- we tried each. The Papaya Cream was kind of a tasty smoothie with nice liquor taste. The Coconut Flan had a nice texture, though a tad too sweet. The Mango Rice Pudding was good, though the mango chunks were so sweet that they were like candy.

Overall I would recommend Moderno Churrascaria if you enjoy meat. We are not huge meat eaters, but enjoyed the salad bar and some of the meats. It's not quite the best Brazilian restaurant we've eaten at, but at $20 per person it gives a nice bang for the buck.

Rating: 4/5

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