Welcome to ReviewCruises.net! This cruise ship website aims to provide the best tips, reviews and cruise information for people going on these special vacations. What are some secret spots & information for a particular cruise ship? What is on the menu and how do the foods seem? What do the ports look like? Check out our Cruise Ships and Ports Picture Gallery to find out. We aim to provide answers to common questions posed by cruisers to allow you to have the most wonderful, fun vacation ever at sea. Enjoy and please feel free to ask questions or write your own review or comments. Thank you!

Cruise vacations are one of the best types of vacations which you can opt for. At the same point of time, not each and every type of cruise is for everyone. This brings a very important conclusion that when you are opting for a vacation at sea, you have to first decide whether that particular one is the right for you. One of the best ways in which you can research about the cruise options is to look into the cruise reviews such as the ones we provide here on ReviewCruises.net. There are many notable destinations all over the world ranging from the Caribbean cruise to the Mediterranean cruise to the Alaskan cruise. There there are equal numbers of options from different countries of Europe as well, including Baltic and the warmer-weathered Mediterranean cruise.

When you are reading the testimonials from past cruisers, you need to pay special attention to the room reviews as well as the activities on board and the size of the ship as well. These are all factors that would help you know in a single glance which cruise is the perfect option for you. A large ship may be carry more people than you want to wade through, but if you are the party sort, a small ship may not strike your fancy.

Certain cruises like the Disney Cruise are catered more towards kids and families. If you're looking for a romantic cruise, then the Disney Cruise might not be the best option for you, even though they do offer grown-ups only areas.

You need to look into the best rooms which are available as well and the cost of the rooms and the duration of the entire trip as well. Some of the cruise options are more of a voyage in the seas and there are some others that are designed to cover certain tourist attractions via land excursions among different countries. You need to choose between these two type of cruise options when you're trying to find which one would be the best holiday for you.

There is unwritten rule when it comes to cruise vacations which is the earlier you book the more discount you would get. In order to save money, you need to book as soon as possible and if your dates are flexible, you have to monitor the cost of the cruise vacations for different dates and then choose one when you are getting a good deal. On the other hand, we have gotten some incredible last-minute cruise offers as well, but you would need true schedule flexibility.

Cruise vacations can be a luxury but if you book in advance, you can make them a more affordable vacation option as well which would allow you to have a unique experience as compared to any of the other vacations which you have experienced. Our cruise tips here will help you save both time and money, guide you and hopefully enjoy your wonderful trip even more.

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Cruise Ship Comparison Chart
Ship IdCruise LineShipWeightLengthPassenger CapacityFirst YearPoolsRestaurantsBasketball CourtMiniature GolfBowling Alley
56AzamaraJourney30277 593694200712NNN
57AzamaraQuest30277 593694200712NNN
5CarnivalConquest110000 9522974200244YYN
31CarnivalDestiny101353 8932642199643YYN
29CarnivalDream130000 10043646200934YYN
30CarnivalEcstasy70367 8552056199134YYN
6CarnivalElation70367 8552628199833NYN
32CarnivalFantasy70367 8552056199023YYN
33CarnivalFascination70367 8552052199423YYN
34CarnivalFreedom110000 9522974200743YYN
7CarnivalGlory110000 9522974200344YYN
46CarnivalHoliday46052 7281452198533NNN
35CarnivalImagination70367 8552052199533NYN
36CarnivalInspiration70367 8552052199633NYN
37CarnivalLegend88500 9632124200233NYN
38CarnivalLiberty110000 9522974200543YNN
39CarnivalMiracle88500 9632124200443NNN
8CarnivalParadise70390 8592600199833NYN
40CarnivalPride88500 9632124200243NNN
41CarnivalSensation70367 8552052199343NYN
42CarnivalSpirit88500 9602124200143NNN
9CarnivalSplendor113300 9523006200843YYN
43CarnivalTriumph101509 8932758200143YYN
44CarnivalValor110000 9522974200443YYN
45CarnivalVictory101509 8932758200043NNN
55CelebrityConstellation91000 9652034200224YNN
50CelebrityEclipse122000 103328502010310YNN
49CelebrityEquinox122000 103328502009310YNN
54CelebrityInfinity91000 9652046200124YNN
47CelebrityMercury77713 8661886199732YNN
53CelebrityMillennium91000 9652034200025YNN
48CelebritySolstice122000 103328502008310YNN
52CelebritySummit91000 9652034200123NNN
51CelebrityXpedition2842 296902001 2NNN
12Celebrity CruisesCentury71545 8152150199532NYN
58CostaAllegra28597 616820199223NNN
59CostaAtlantica85619 9602114200047YNN
64CostaClassica52926 7231308199122NNN
62CostaConcordia114500 9513000200635YNN
60CostaDeliziosa92700 2922828201034YYN
63CostaFortuna102587 8902720200333YNN
61CostaLuminosa92600 9652260200934YYN
69CostaMagica102587 8902720200442YNN
65CostaMarina25558 577776199013NNN
70CostaMediterranea85619 9602114200343YNN
67CostaPacifica114147 9503000200935YNN
66CostaRomantica53049 7221356199325NNN
68CostaSerena114500 9503000200735YNN
71CostaVictoria75166 8281928199637NNN
72Cruises WestCorinthian II4200 297114199222NNN
73Cruises WestGalapagos Explorer II1223 289100199011NNN
74Cruises WestPacific Explorer1800 185100199511NNN
75Cruises WestSpirit of '9896 19296198411NNN
76Cruises WestSpirit of Columbia98 14378197911NNN
77Cruises WestSpirit of Discovery94 166841976 1NNN
78Cruises WestSpirit of Endeavour95 2171021983 1NNN
79Cruises WestSpirit of Oceanus1263 297120199111NNN
80Cruises WestSpirit of Yorktown97 257138198811NNN
16CrystalSerenity68000 8201080200326YYN
15CrystalSymphony51044 781940199522NNN
81Cunard CruiseQueen Elizabeth90400 9652092201028NNN
82Cunard CruiseQueen Mary 2151400 113230562004410YNN
83Cunard CruiseQueen Victoria90000 9652000200728NNN
84DisneyDream128000 11154000201135YNN
13DisneyMagic83000 9642400199834YYN
14DisneyWonder83000 9642400199934YYN
85Fred. Olsen Cruise LinesBalmoral43537 2181350198815NNN
87Fred. Olsen Cruise LinesBlack Watch28613 205804197223NNN
86Fred. Olsen Cruise LinesBoudicca28388 205856197335NNN
88Fred. Olsen Cruise LinesBraemar24344 196929199333NNN
89Holland AmericaAmsterdam62735 7801380200023YNN
90Holland AmericaEurodam 86273 9362104200833YNN
91Holland AmericaMaasdam 55575 7191258199323YNN
92Holland AmericaNieuw Amsterdam 86700 9362106201035YNN
93Holland AmericaNoordam82318 9361918200633YNN
94Holland AmericaOosterdam82305 9361916200333YNN
95Holland AmericaPrinsendam37983 669835200223NNN
19Holland AmericaRotterdam59652 7781316199722NNN
96Holland AmericaRyndam55819 7191260199423YNN
97Holland AmericaStatendam55819 7191258199323YNN
20Holland AmericaVeendam55541 7201258199622NNN
98Holland AmericaVolendam61214 7811432199933YNN
99Holland AmericaWesterdam82348 9361916200433YNN
100Holland AmericaZaandam61396 7811432200033YNN
101Holland AmericaZuiderdam82305 9361916200233YNN
106MSC CruisesArmonia58600 8242087200123YYN
108MSC CruisesFantasia137936 10943959200854YYN
105MSC CruisesLirica59000 7632069200323NYN
107MSC CruisesMagnifica92627 9243013201035NYN
112MSC CruisesMelody35140 6711492198222NNN
104MSC CruisesMusica92400 9643013200624NYN
110MSC CruisesOpera59000 7632055200423NNN
109MSC CruisesOrchestra92400 9643013200724NYN
103MSC CruisesPoesia92400 9643013200824NYN
111MSC CruisesSinfonia58600 8242087200223YYN
102MSC CruisesSplendida137936 10933959200954YYN
21NCL/NorwegianDawn92250 9652224200228YNN
25NCL/NorwegianEpic153000 106842002010317YNY
3NCL/NorwegianGem93502 96524662007212YNY
22NCL/NorwegianJade93558 96522242006412YNN
26NCL/NorwegianJewel92000 96523762005212YNN
27NCL/NorwegianPearl93502 965 24662006312YYY
23NCL/NorwegianPride of America81000 92121462000211YNN
28NCL/NorwegianSky77104 8532002199926YNN
24NCL/NorwegianSpirit77000 87919961998211YNN
2NCL/NorwegianStar91740 9652240200128YNN
1NCL/NorwegianSun78309 8482400200128YNN
114Princess CruisesCaribbean Princess116000 9503100200447NYN
115Princess CruisesCoral Princess88000 9651970200246YYN
116Princess CruisesCrown Princess116000 9503080200647YYN
117Princess CruisesDawn Princess77000 9561950199744YNN
118Princess CruisesDiamond Princess113000 9512670200449YYN
119Princess CruisesEmerald Princess116000 9503070200757YYN
11Princess CruisesGolden Princess109000 9512600200144NYN
10Princess CruisesGrand Princess109000 9512600199844NYN
120Princess CruisesIsland Princess91627 9651970200346YYN
122Princess CruisesOcean Princess30200 594670199915NNN
124Princess CruisesPacific Princess30200 594670199914NNN
123Princess CruisesRoyal Princess30200 594710200115NNN
121Princess CruisesRuby Princess113000 9503070200847YYN
113Princess CruisesSapphire Princess116000 9512670200449YYN
127Princess CruisesSea Princess77000 9561950199845YNN
126Princess CruisesStar Princess109000 9512600200247YYN
125Princess CruisesSun Princess77000 8561950199544YNN
4Royal CaribbeanFreedom of the Seas160000 11123634200634YYN
18Royal CaribbeanIndependence of the Seas154407 11124370200834YYN
17Royal CaribbeanMajesty of the Seas73941 8802744199224YNN
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