Leamington Hotel Review

Posted by: CruiseReporter on 04/18/2011 - 06:51 PM

We arrived at the Leamington Hotel via private car from Ft. Lauderdale airport for an overnight stay for a cruise that leaves from Miami. The Leamington Hotel is smack in the middle of downtown Miami on First street, and is just minutes away from the Port of Miami. The outside of the hotel was not very impressive- a simple glass door and an old sign that says "Hotel Leamington" hanging above the street. There were also boxes being delivered through the main entrance when we arrived (around 4 PM in the afternoon). When we walked inside it seemed more like an office building setup. Pretty much no decorations, nothing fancy. You get a simple key with a plastic tag w/ the room number in it. We were assigned a room up at the top floor, which was the 4th floor.

The elevator was literally from the 1920s (Great Depressions era?) with a manual gate and required hands on operation from a dedicated elevator operator. The guy was friendly and helped us w/ our luggage. We had 3 large luggage and a stroller and required 2 trips.

The room itself- very very old and pretty small. The carpet on the floor was wrinkled and the floor creaked. There was no thermostat but at least cold air was coming through the vent. The furniture was basic and modern-styled, but at least things seemed clean. The lone window was sealed shut though it didn't do a good job of blocking sound from the streets. The beds were comfortable though a tad small at queen size. We were able to sleep through the night without incident.

For dinner the Cvi Che 105 restaurant is literally the next door down. In the morning the Leamington offered free breakfast until 10 AM. We got down to the lobby at 9:45 and there were only some muffin-like cake left and jam. There was complimentary shuttle that took us to the Port of Miami which was a nice positive. Our shuttle left at 10:45 AM, and we were told that another shuttle was available at 3 PM.

Overall the Leamington is a very basic place to stay. If you don't mind the shabbiness of the room and are only staying one night, it's an acceptable option especially if you have a cruise from the Port of Miami the next day.

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