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We arrived at Miami Airport at around 10:30 AM. We noticed that there was actually a Carnival check-in area at the luggage carousel/ground transportation area. There we found out that it was a cost of $15 per person to use their shuttle to transfer from the Miami Airport to the Miami Cruise Port. Since we were a party a 3, and knew it was a a flat rate $25 via taxi, we chose to do that instead. It may make sense to take their bus if you were going solo.

We also decided against checking-in at the airport, as there was already a throng of people lining up at the area. The taxi ride from airport to port took about 15 minutes, and we noted it was about 11:20 AM. Once there, we gave the bag handler our luggage tags, and he stapled them on for us.

The check-in was a bit different than what we were used to. Before going through the security scanners, we had to provide our boarding pass & passports, where were scanned via machine. Then after passing through security, we waited for only a few minutes to get a boarding group number (#16 was ours), and then getting our room key cards & photos taken at the counter.

We then sat down and waited in a large terminal area. The "Priority" group had started boarding, and it took about 15 minutes before they were done. Then they started with group 1, 2, etc. They also called for airport check-in guests, so there was certainly an advantage for those folks who got key cards that way. The calling of the group went fairly quickly, however, and we were able to board shortly after 12 PM.

Overall, the check-in process was a fairly speedy and painless. We did notice that, however, there were no snacks or drinks offered for guests waiting to get aboard.

Carnival Breeze Inside Cabin Impressions

We had an inside cabin in the forward area of deck 1. They had already setup the bunk bed for our 3 year old toddler, which was a nice touch. Our son had never used a bunk bed, so it took some effort to get him comfortable going up the ladder and down, but he adjusted to it quickly.

The cabin was clean, though without much style. The desks and closets were in light wood grain, as was the frame for the mirror that hung above the desk. We appreciated the raised area at the desk against the wall which was a convenient storage place for key cards, rings, watches, sunglasses, etc.

There was a smallish 24" flat-screen TV next to the closets. Unfortunately its responsiveness (or lack thereof) was frustrating at times. Sometimes the channels would change upon button press on the remote, but other times it would not work until literally half a minute after the key presses. Interstingly, on certain days, the channel switching delay does not rear its ugly head. There were a pair of complimentary movie channels, but no ESPN. There was TNT, but it is a "Latin America" version, so no live sports. Underneath the TV, there was a security safe & mini-fridge. See the Carnival Mini-Bar Pricing here.

The bathroom was also like a typical one we've experienced on other cruises- small but functional. The temperature for the shower held fairly steady, though we did wish the water pressure with a tad higher. Carnival did provide shower gel & shampoo via dispensers.

Our room steward Nye Nye was a good one. He was friendly, accommodated our requests for extra towels & tissue boxes without any problem.

Impressions of the Carnival Breeze Public Areas

The ship appeared modern, as it should be since it made its maiden voyage a little more than a year ago, and is Carnival's newest and largest ocean liner. The WaterWorks aqua park was fun for the whole family. There were two impressive slides- an orange and a yellow that twisted and snaked around the deck. There was also a ropes course called "SkyCourse" where you can walk above the pool decks and get great views. For the little ones, there was a fun pink water slide, which our son didn't seem to get tired of.

Grown-ups who want to relax in peace can do so at a 21-and-over section of the ship called Serenity Adult Retreat towards the back. Unlike Princess which charges for a "sanctuary" such as this, Carnival provides access for free.

The sports court is pretty standard fare, but the outdoor weights workout stations next to it is quite unique. Assuming when it is not too hot, it is nice to be able to get in some resistance workout there 24/7. There were even some punching bags and sand bags as well. Topping off the myriad of outdoor features were the main pool, numerous hot tubs, miniature golf course, Foosball tables, and a jogging track.

Inside the ship, there was no wow factor as the decor was fairly subdued. That is certainly not a negative, however. There were some cool looking lantern-like light hanging from the multi-level ceiling above the atrium. The chandeliers in several of the main dining rooms were also quite impressive. We didn't visit the Casino, and the shops on-board were pretty standard, except for the candy store A Cherry on Top. It offered a plethora of sweet chewables/lick-able confectionery, and it was just interesting if even to just browse through.

Ports on the 6 Night Western Caribbean Cruise

At Key West the Carnival Breeze docked near Mallory Square, next to the Westin Hotel. we did a Conch Trolley Tour of the city. The tour guide gave a nice overview and history of the island.

We got off at the second stop in order visit the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory. It was a very cool to see literally hundreds of butterflies & big moths fluttering around. There were also small birds (hummingbirds, blue jays), a pair of pink flamingos, turtles, and koi fish. It was $14 per person, and for kids under 4 it was free.

We then walked a few minutes to the Southernmost continental USA marker, took a few scenic photos there, and then walked north on Duval street back to the ship. It took about 30 minutes of walking, mainly because of the sheer amount of people on Duval, but we made it back to the ship before the all aboard time of 3:30 PM. Be sure to checkout the photos of Key West we took during this enjoyable day.

In Grand Cayman, a short tender boat ride was required to get ashore. We walked from port to the 7 Mile Beach in about 25 minutes. Snorkling was terrific there, and the sand was pink in some areas, even surprisingly more so than what we saw in Bermuda. Unfortunately we had to return to the ship by 3:15 PM, which was too early.

Having been to Cozumel before, we decided to checkout Chenkenaab this time. It was a $11 taxi ride from Puerta Maya (where the Breeze docked), and the entrance fee was $22 per adult and $14 for kids. There was a coupon we used which took off a total of $5 for 2 adults and a child. For that price, not a lot of extra activities were included. They try to sell you activities such as zip-lining, dolphin interactions, diving and consumables such as Tequila and food. The Sea Lion show is a must-see, however, and the Mayan walking exhibit was pretty cool. Unfortunately, the advertised "Botanical Garden" was not there- nada, not a single trace.

I also do have to mention that Puerta Maya is certainly a tourist trap/set-up. In order to get to the taxi's, and to return to the ship, you are forced to be herded through tons of shopping stalls. And due to the sheer number of people, the time you spend traversing through the commercial operation is not trivial.

Entertainment aboard the Ship

Cruise Director Butch Begovich was one of the better ones we have seen. He was well-spoken and engaged the crowd. Unfortunately he announced that he will be leaving as Cruise Director of the Breeze after 10 years with the company. Apparently Butch has taken a new supervisory/training role with Carnival.

The dance and sing shows were a bit hit and miss. "The Brits" was kind of boring with over-reliance on colorful animated background screen effects. The volume seemed to be too loud as well. While the "Motown" was also not very impressive, "The Divas" and "Latin Nights" were markedly better showings, with good vocals and energetic performances.

The Punchliner comedians who performed at the Limelight Lounge did well and we tried to attend every show, family or adult. Jaylyn Bishop was more of a physical comic, but Mike Lucas had some hilarious material and delivery. He was certainly one of the funniest comics we have ever seen, and the big laughs is a huge plus towards the enjoyment of the cruise.

For the kids and the entire family, there was the the Hasbro Game Show. It was certainly different, and certainly a commercial collaboration between Carnival and Hasbro. It was fun though, especially if you were picked to go on stage to participate. But it was probably a show where you'd watch just once for the cruise, mostly only for its novelty. There was also the Towel Animal Theater, which was a puppet show that was entertaining for both kids and adults. You certainly want to sit on the lower level (deck 3) and be very close to the action for this one. Children were invited to go up to have a close look on stage.

Edge, an action juggler/comedian did some cool tricks with a variety of acts, some with help from audience members. It was an entertaining show, and the only non-Carnival Dancer/Singer main theater performance of the cruise.

Cruise Internet Access

The cost of Internet access was fairly standard versus what we have seen elsewhere. Pay as you go was 75 cents a minute, and plans range from 45 minutes for $29.99 to 480 minutes for $159. The nice thing was no activation fee (e.g. NCL tacks on an extra of $3 regardless of which plan you select). I did notice that the download speed was faster than what I was used to, which was unsurprising as the Breeze is a newer ship.

Major news and stories were available for free via a Fun Club website ( which was a plus. There was also supposed to a listing of sports scores, but unfortunately that did not work (tried in both Firefox and Chrome).

Food/Dining Review

Eating was a bit of a mixed-bag aboard the Carnival Breeze. It was great to enjoy exciting offerings such as Guy's Burger Joint and Mongolian Wok, but they closed too early at 6 PM. In addition, the waits at the Mongolian Wok and the breakfast omelet station were terrible. You are looking at a minimum 20 minute line most of the time just to get an omelet or stir fry. The food selection at the Lido Marketplace buffet was also one of the poorest we have seen on a cruise ship. We did enjoy the abundance and fresh sliced fruits, however. It was nice to see ceramic cups instead of plastic ones for hot beverages as well. In addition, Seaday Brunch was terrific, and Afternoon Tea was nice.

The main dining room did offer solidly executed food. Nothing super-exciting, but satisfying and coupled with good service, at least at the Sapphire Dining Room for Your Time Dining. Entrees & appetizers we especially enjoyed there were the broiled lobster (during the first formal night), the BBQ Ribs, Sweet and Sour Shrimp on a bed of rice noodles, sushi trio (best "free" sushi we've tasted on cruises), and the best dish of the cruise- Martini-braised Basa Fillet.

Guy's Burger Joint was good, and wait time there was minimal due to the rate the staff was able to crank out orders. The burgers were juicy, and you get to add your own toppings and sauces. The amount of grease was fairly heavy, however, so it is probably not something you want to consume daily. In addition, I became quite sick after eating a burger after the ship left Grand Cayman. It was a hot day, and the add-ons area being in the heat and out near the pool may have been a factor. My advice is to use the burger garnish station at your own risk.

Fat Jimmy's C-Day BBQ was held on one of the sea days. It was merely so-so; the selection wasn't as much as we had expected, and I'm not sure if the taste was good enough to live up to the "Fat Jimmy" name, whoever he may be. We certainly had much better BBQ on land, but certainly I can't say the Carnival offering was bad.

Pizza Pirate, open 24 hours, offered good tasting pizzas. The goat cheese white pizza was especially good. Don't be surprised if you go there at midnight and see a long line, however.

We also tried Cucina del Capitano for lunch, which was complimentary. You get a check-list type menu where you ticked off the type of pasta, sauce, & ingredients (seafood, sausage, etc). Lasagna was also available. The red clam pasta we tasted was unfortunately too salty, but we did appreciate the abundance of quahogs & shrimp.

There was also Afternoon Tea Time during sea days, which was Carnival's answer to Norwegian's chocoholics buffet. Guests were ushered into a section in the Blush dining room, then the staff let you have the pick of tea bags. Then they pushed carts with cakes and other sweets around for you to select and enjoy.

The Sea Day Brunch was a good experience. From 8:30 AM to 1 PM on non-port days, you can enjoy some tasty dishes applicable for breakfast or lunch, with good service. Of the dishes we tried there, the wide-ribbon pasta and Heuvo Rancheros were especially good. You also get avoid the standing in line waiting at the buffet.

On the final night, we tried out Bonsai Sushi which turned out to be excellent (read the review).

Overall Impression of the Cruise

Our time aboard this 6 night Western Caribbean cruise aboard the Carnival Breeze was quite enjoyable. The service was very good- from the room steward to the terrific wait staff in the main dining room. The ship was very new, and it showed. There are so many things to do on the outside decks, even at night. Even though the dance shows had their up and downs, the comedy club was top-notch. We also enjoyed the ports, especially Key West. We also really liked how the ship goes on alternate Eastern and Western Caribbean itineraries for anyone interested in a back-to-back cruise, or allows for the option to try the other route down the road. Now if Carnival can improve the selections at the Lido Market and other buffet areas, and reduce the outrageous lines at the Mongolian Wok/Omelet Stations, then it would have been a very, very special cruise. With everything in mind, I highly recommend the Carnival Breeze Caribbean cruise, and give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars.

Carnival Breeze Pros

  • Cabin was clean and functional

  • Sea day Brunch was enjoyable

  • Good Japanese food from Bonsai Sushi

  • Guy's burger place had tasty offerings, albeit very greasy ones

  • Sliced fruit from buffet were delicious and convenient, especially the pineapple

  • Eating options containing shrimp widely available

  • Adults only retreat area on deck 14 forward is a quiet sanctuary that is free and welcomes anyone over the age of 21

  • Good service at the Sapphire main dining room for Anytime Dining

  • Entertaining comedians at the Punchliner Comedy Club, especially Mike Lucas

  • Outdoor workout area next to sports court

Carnival Breeze Cons

  • Lido Marketplace buffet selection was below average, with terribly long waits for the Mongolian Wok (lunch/dinner) and Omelet Station (breakfast).

  • Help yourself food areas dispersed too far from one another, e.g. the Indian Tandoor section is located at the very back of deck 10, quite far away from the Lido Marketplace

  • Many eateries such as Guy's Burger Place, Mongolian Wok, Blue Iguana and Tandoor close too early (at 2:30 PM or 6PM) and therefore reduces the choices for dinner

  • Got sick likely from add-on station of Guy's Burger Joint; Carnival's decision of having the add-on area outside near the pool may not be the most hygienic one

  • Slippery flooring at the deck 10 buffet areas at night

  • Cabin TV often unresponsive to channel change commands

  • Would be nice not to leave Grand Cayman so early at 3:15 PM

Additional Pictures

Videos Clips from the Cruise

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1st cruise day on carnival breeze

Arrive at port at 11:20am and got on ship at noon. We went for lunch at the main buffet area on deck 10. There were already a lot of people but we were able to get a table. The buffet restaurant was devised into many different section and we were at the Mongolian grill and comfort food area, as well near Guy's Burger Joint. The food was pretty good. Though it was too much trouble to go so far to try out their Indian buffet which is all the way to the end of the restaurant.

We went back to the cabin to rest a bit and then did the safety drill and went back the cabin and then headed to the farewell party on deck 10 outside. It was loud and fun with people dancing with the crew. We then walked around a bit, and at 5pm we went to the Ovation theater to drop off the registration form for our son for the kids program. Then we went to the Sapphire restaurant for dinner but to our surprise, there was nobody. The restaurant doesn't open until 5:45pm but normally people would line up early but we were the first ones to arrive. The restaurant didn't get busy until about an hour later and yet there wasn't too crowded nor loud which was nice. The service was great but the food was ok, at least for the dishes we ordered. I ordered shrimp cocktail and beef vegetable soup, hubby ordered shrimp cocktail and tomatoes soup for starters. For main courses, I had grill salmon with steam veges and potatoes (I only ate the veggies), and hubby got the sweet and soured shrimp noodles dish which was good and our little one was all over that. He wasn't thrilled about his grill chicken breast I ordered for him. Though he did eat some of his fruits plate, and he enjoyed the ice cream w melt chocolate with daddy for desert. I had tropical fruits plate which I really enjoyed. I did okay with not over eating and no sugar stuff for dinner as well no carbs. Though I did eat a big lunch but I ate some salad for our late snack with some more fruits.

We went to the 7:30 show which is the only one tonight. We were there 30 minutes earlier and to our surprise, there were only a few people there, and the theater wasn't fully filled up. The show was an introduction with cruise director, Butch who was young and good with what he is doing (he said he had been with carnival for ten years but will leave the company after this year). In the show Butch had three married men up stage to question them about their relationships, and 10 minutes before ended, the dancing/singing crew gave us a taste of the performance. Our son was bored the whole time but still doesn't want to go to the kids area when we told him that it will be more fun for him to go play with his new friends instead of going with us to the show.

We went back to the cabin after the show and daddy put the little one to bed and I walked around to see anything else interesting happening but I wasn't interested in country music that they performed at the Red Dog Pub club. Also I wasn't fond of the piano bar party where people can request the pianist to play their favor songs. So. I went for a walk and got back to the cabin afterwards.

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2nd day - Carnival Breeze

The ship port at Key West at 7am and I woke up 7:45 - just woke up like I had an alarm clock in my body. I stayed in the restroom to wash the containers and did some reading as well some writing. At 9ish am hubby and our little one were still sleeping and i was getting hungry but I waited until close to 10 am, I went up to the Lido Marketplace to eat some breakfast. The place were very busy so I just got some simple and quick stuff but even that there was a long line. I got back to the cabin at 10:30ish and the boys were awake so I told them to go and have breakfast without me. Meanwhile I was getting ready for us to go on land to explore Key West. I went up to the Lido marketplace to meet with hubby and son 30 minutes later but we didn't leave the ship until 11:30ish. While we were at the Lido marketplace eating our breakfast, a guy from a Key West train tour gave us stickers for free tour.

The train tour around the city was great and our tour guide, Hank was funny and friendly. The best part of the whole day in Key West was the Key West Butterfly and Nature Conservatory where we went into a giant green house with full of all kinds of butterflies that flew around, above and beneath us... It was a lifetime experience that we will never forget. We also got to see some beautiful bright colored small birds (dark purple humming bird), we also saw a turtle, large sized gold fish and two flamingos. We were there for an hour and we walked back to the ship afterward. We made it'll back just in time 3:30pm.

The buffet at Lido marketplace was closed when we got back and the only choice we had was burgers. I ate half the burger and the little one ate some of the burger. We then went back to the cabin where the little dude played and I organized our clothes. Hubby got back 30 minutes later and we stayed in the cabin until 6pm. Tonight was dress up night and we got ready and left our cabin at 6 pm. The restaurant was still not busy when we got there and it didn't get busy until around 6:30-7pm when we left the place.�

We then took our son to the kids area and he was actually fine with it (on the day one he told us that he doesn't want to go there but rather goes with us), and hubby and I went for the 7:15pm show at the Ovation Theater. The show was a 70s music themed and it was boring and they used too much cartoonish animation in the show background. After show we went to pick up our son and when we saw that he didn't get his face painted, we asked him why. He said that he liked his face as it is (funny dude!).

We then went to the buffet to get him something to eat since he didn't eat well at the dinner time. He ate a pizza and we ate some salad and fruits with him. We returned to the cabin while daddy went to watch the Diva show at 9:15pm and he would go to the adult comedy show afterward. Darwin didn't go to bed until 12:10am because he woke up late, plus he took a 30 minutes nap. Daddy got back around 10:50pm and I left to watch an adult comedy show at 11:15pm with Jaylyn Bishiop And she was hilarious! The show was great but there were some people being loud talking during the comedy show and they were right behind me at the bar area which was pretty annoying! I went back to the cabin 12:10ish but at the door, I heard the little dude made some sound thus I didn't come in and didn't get to come back to the cabin until 40 minutes later. We didn't go to bed until close to 2 am.

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3rd day - Carnival Breeze

This was a Sea day. We woke up at 10:30 and went for brunch at. Our pre-schooler wanted his milk and he didn't eat well so went to the Lido marketplace and there we got him some + Mongolian stir fried noodles with chicken (took me 30 minutes to get the dish since it was a long line) but he didn't eat much of it. We then took him to the Camp kids area for him to play with other kids and us two walked around and tried out their Fat Jimmy's C-Side BBQ where they only open on sea days from 12-2:30pm. We just got a little bit to try it out and it wasn't bad...the pulled pork was pretty good but rest of the other stuff like sausages, cream corn, corn bread were ok - they had a small selection.

We then went to the salad bar near by the BBQ place and they had the same open hours. The selection was weak but they did have some soup choices. After trying out the different food places, we went to pick up our little guy and had him join us for Tea Time and Treats at Blush restaurant which was open from 3-4pm. We were there 5 minutes early and there was already a long line though it wasn't terrible. We got table shortly after and tried out some of their treats like chocolate cake, tart cake with fresh fruits and mango cake. The only one that was good was the mango one and the other ones were ok. We didn't get to try all other deserts. They offered everyone tea and as well cucumber sandwiches, smoked salmon over bread which we didn't try....we did try the mini triangle cucumber sandwiches and it was not that great (it tasted plain).

We left the place 20 minutes later and went to the Ovation theater to watch the HASBRO, The Game Show, at 3:30pm. The show was fun to watch. We then took the little guy to play with other kids afterward and we picked him up an hour later, then went back to the cabin to get ready for dinner. We were at the restaurant at 6 pm. I ordered a salad and sushi for starters and hubby got sushi and chicken quesadilla that was never brought out. For main course, I ordered seafood (squirts, muscles, salon, shrimps) with penne which was pretty good but I didn't eat the pasta since I am on not carbs at night diet. We ordered chicken nuggets for little dude with steamed broccoli and some fruits, amongst which he only ate the watermelon. We didn't get any deserts since we wanted to go to the�Variety Showtime at Ovation theater at 7pm. We left the restaurant at 7pm and took our son to the the Camp kids area and went straight to the show afterward.

The show was called The physical Comedy and Juggling of the: Edge presents evolution. We went to the Lido Marketplace restaurant after the show and I ate lots of fruits/pineapple and hubby ate a salad and a small slice of goat cheese pizza, and Darwin ate some more watermelon. We then went back to the cabin and had the little dude ready for bed. I gave him a shower and read to him before is let daddy tug him to bed. I then went to walk around to get my steps- reached to over 15,000! I went background to the cabin after that but left shortly after to check out the Deck Party that started at 10pm. I was up there at 10:40pm and they were still going, and in fact, they just got it started! I was sitting by the pool soaking my feet and watched the younger group dancing and going crazy. Next thing you know there were over 30 of them jumping into the pool with their clothes on. Some of the even had costumes. While watching these guys going bananas, I also noticed there were some small kids still up and partying, an I also saw some older people standing on upper level looking down and dancing. After watching a large group of people at the party, I was pretty certain that there were more young and middle age people than elderly which is actually new and rare to us who cruise a lot (this was our 15th cruise and we both are in our 30s).

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4th day - Carnival Breeze. Destination: Grand Cayman.

We all woke up at 9:30am and finally left the cabin at 10am, and we headed up to the Lido Buffet for breakfast. By then most people were already off the ship to explorer Grand Cayman. We didn't go on the tender boat to go get land until 11am. Before we got off ship, I went to get some pizza for our trip to the Seven Miles Beach.

Once we got off the tender boat, we walked about a mil (25 minutes) to the beach. It wasn't bad but the sun was pretty strong. Here local people drive on the left since the island is owned by the Brits. The first access to the beach area was small and not busy. We saw some vans with many people going to the beach so I would think that there are were other areas of the Seven Miles beach that was better and more expansive than the the place we went to.

I liked, however, how it was nice and quiet but the beach (at least at the area we were at) was not ideal for swimming since there were so many jagged stones and coral under the water, even at the most shallow areas. But it was perfect for snorkeling since it was so pretty under the water. I saw blue fish with bright yellow stripes, one with white stripes, and a 10-inch long blue fish in a large group. I also noticed a half-foot long squid with big-ass eyes (it was starring at me!).

There were also over 50 sea urchins from small to almost a foot in diameter- it was my first time seeing them in real life which was pretty awesome! Our little one was playing really well near the water with his beach toys but didn't want to go into the water with me. We stayed on the beach until 2:30pm and walked back to the port. We were there at 3pm and took a tender boat, returning to the Breeze at 3:40pm.

We hung out in the cabin and watched some TV together. We were all very tired and hungry. Hubby went to get some burgers (burgers and pizza were our only choices at that time of day) from Guy's Burgers Joint. We all chomped on the burgers despite having to go for dinner soon. We got ready and left the cabin and were at the restaurant at 6pm. We got a table near the windows with the ocean view and that made our son happy because he loves to sit by the windows. I ordered roasted chicken for him which he didn't like that much and only a few bits. I ordered seafood platter with smoked salmon, one tiger shrimp and tuna tartar (wasn't all that), plus escargot for starters. For the main course I had jumbo tiger shrimps dish which wasn't not bad. Hubby ordered the same starters as mine and he had the basa file fish dish which was good. For desert, hubby had a New York cheesecake; I had a tropical fruits plate and little dude had his ice cream.

At 7pm, the restaurant Maitre D sang for us and then they turned on some disco music. Some of the waiters/waitresses AND some dinners started dancing to the music which was pretty awesome and funny! We left the restaurant at 7:20 and took some pictures at the lobby which was right in front of the Sapphire restaurant. I said good night to my beloved little dude since I was be going to watch the Diva show tonight by myself (hubby watched the same show the night before).

Hubby took the little one up to the Lido marketplace to have him eat some pizza since he didn't eat well at the restaurant. To my surprise, Darwin was still not in bed and didn't even take a shower yet and it was already 9pm when I returned from the show and the adult comedy. BTW I didn't think Mike Lucus was that entertaining.....somewhat funny yet boring overall.

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5th day - Carnival Breeze.�Destination: Cozumel/Chaankanaab

The ship let people get off starting at 10am and everybody needed to get back by 5:30pm. We were on the docks at 11am and took a taxi to Chaankanaab which was less than a ten minute drive. There we explored a Mayan village and we also saw some small and large size crocodiles. We got to see a neat Sea Lion show at 12:30- very cool. We went to their beach afterward to eat lunch. We ate the dry turkey sandwiches that I brought from the ship, along with some fruit.

I then went snorkeling in the very deep water while our preschooler played in the sand next to daddy who was chilling out in the breeze on the beach chair. Lots of people were snorkeling. I saw different size fish ranging from tiny to up to 12 inches long. I also saw a giant Jesus status under the water. We stayed at Chaankanaab until 4pm and took a taxi back to the port at 4:30 and went back the cabin afterward to relax a bit.

We didn't eat a good lunch thus got a bit hungry so I went to get us some burgers without fries to share and that was around 5pm. We then left our cabin for dinner at Sapphire restaurant at 6. We ordered chicken nuggets for the little guy and he was happy to finish the whole plate but there was a battle when we made him eat his broccoli. Hubby and I ordered the same entrees - shrimp cocktails for starters and red snapper for main course. After the buddy finally finished those few bits of the broccoli, we ordered a scoop of vanilla ice cream for him and cheesecake for hubby, and tropical fruits plate for me. We left the restaurant at 7:15 and took our son to Camp carnival and then we went to watch the show at 7:15pm.

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6th day - Carnival Breeze

We went for breakfast at 10am at the Blue Iguana Cantina near the pool area. I got our pre-schooler his eggs and cheese burrito and hubby got breakfast tacos. I got a plain omelet and plain yogurt with roasted almond + some fruits. We then walked around after breakfast. An hour later, we got some shrimps burritos but I ended with not eating it so we went to the Italian restaurant for some pasta which was complementary for lunch only. The food at the Cucina del Capitano seemed good but much too salty.

We went to the cabin afterward and we rested for an hour or so and then we went to the water slides and kids water park. I tried their two water slides and they were alright but it was nice how there wasn't much waiting in lines for them. The little one had so much fun at the kids' slides - he went on them for literally a hundred times. He had to have his toy with him to let it go down the slide first before he went down himself. At one point, a kid took the toy from him and ran away, and he was trying to look for the boy and couldn't find him. The little dude appeared lost and didn't go on the slide without his toy thus I had to help him in getting the toy back, and then he continued going down the slides.

We didn't get back to the cabin until 5:15pm, and we left for dinner at the Sapphire restaurant with daddy at 6pm. I ordered macaroni and cheese with chicken and bacon for the little guy (someone went straight for the bacon and ate it with great passion!) For starters, Hubby and I both had crab cake which wasn't that good, and for our second starter, hubby had grilled portobello mushroom salad and I had frog legs saut�ed in butter which was good but mainly because I love to eat frog legs. Hubby and I both had breaded fried shrimps with French fries for main course which we didn't eat much of since it we didn't want to eat too much fried stuff, but they were good. Hubby stayed for his desert while Darwin and I left the restaurant at 7:15pm to bring the little dude to the Camp Carnival for him to join the farewell party. Our plan was that I would drop him off and then I would go to the Latin dance show at 7:15 and hubby would go to the family friendly comedy show with Mike Lucus at 7:30pm. Unfortunately, our son just didn't want to go to the Camp Carnival but I thought he would be ok once he gets there. Not today, however, as he was really tired from the playing at the water park so was super needy. At the entrance to the Camp Carnival, he said: 'don't want to but alright...I will go!' Then I was asking the crew lady if the party was over and she said yes. He overheard the conversation and said that the party's over, can he go with me then. He saw a girl crying when her mommy was leaving and he was about to cry with her. He was somewhat ok to go in there but after seeing the girl crying, it made him want to cry and extra needy as well. He was so sad and wanted to cry and say mommy with his cute little sad facials expression. I just couldn't do it and had him come with me since I had told him that he should check out and if he didn't like it, then he could go with me.

I then took him to watch the Latin Show which started on time thus him and I only to got watch half of it, and of course toward the end of the show, the little one was about to fall asleep but I didn't let him. I wanted him to go to bed early and have a good night sleep since we will be leaving the ship tomorrow.�

This cruise with Carnival had been a blast. There were far more with many families on board it seemed.

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