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MSC has a really nice (and industry unique) loyalty-match program that allows you to match your repeat-cruiser membership level from other cruise lines (and even airlines & hotels). We are NCL Platinum members and were able to be matched to MSC's Voyager Club Black, their highest loyalty status. We just had to fill out the form located on this page: ... ogram.aspx

Where it said "Upload Proof of Existing Loyalty Membership" we simply took a screenshot of our NCL Latitudes Rewards Loyalty Program indicating Platinum with the cruise history at

A few days after submission, we got the following from [email protected]:


Please see the attached copy of your MSC Voyagers Club Loyalty Match e-card. Please contact your Travel Agent in order to have the Voyagers Club discount added to your booking. If you have any questions or concerns, please let us know. Thank you for choosing MSC Cruises.

MSC Voyagers Club

Attached was the MSC Voyagers Club Black Card in the email:

See membership benefits here: ... p-benefits

The ones we're excited about include:

  • Complimentary sparkling wine

  • Free dinner at a Specialty Restaurant for 2

  • 1 hour free at the Spa thermal area

  • Free 1 hour Dance Class

  • Priority tender & end of cruise disembarkation

  • Being able to stay in the cabin longer on morning of disembarkation

Also the nice thing is that there is no minimum age to be in the MSC Loyalty program, so kids can enjoy some of the benefits as well. Too bad NCL doesn't let kids under 14 register or otherwise we could have loyalty-matched him to MSC as well.

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