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The free airport shuttle took a while to get to the terminal at Fort Lauderdale- about 30 minutes after we called the hotel that we were waiting outside. Also make sure you wait at the END of terminal 4 as that was the only place airport shuttles are allowed to park.

The room itself was well-accommodated and provided significantly more space than that of a typical 3 star hotel. There were 2 partitioned areas of the room, each with its own 32" flat-screen TV. The king-sized bed was comfortable, and the pillows were plush. The hotel, however, did not bother to setup and put sheets on the sleeping couch as a third-person bed even thought there were 3 of us. We had to call front desk and they instructed us on how to do it, as well as where to obtain the extra comforter needed.

The desk, like the sofa bed, was located in the "living" section of the room. It was expansive allowing plentiful of room for laptop, tablets, and phone. The 4 power plugs on the wall was generous as well. There was even a panel that allowed to you to plug in video such as HDMI and VGA to be displayed on the TV, with support for audio in as well. I was going to say that this made for an excellent business setup, but unfortunately Internet wi-fi access was painfully slow and prone to frequent disconnects. There was actually an Ethernet cable on the desk but it was in bad shape (wires underneath were showing, and the clip pin on the connector had already broken off). I tried holding it manually to keep it inserted but it did not provide any access. I then attempted a direct connection via my own Ethernet cable to the wall, but the existing cable was inserted so tightly that it could not be removed without a sharp, flat tool.

The shower was large, and the rainfall style shower head was massive providing satisfying water pressure and temperature. A coconut lime-verbena bar soap from Bath & Bodyworks was provided. The shampoo and conditioner were also provided by the same company.


  • restaurant had reasonably priced and good tasting food

  • free airport shuttle


  • slow, unreliable wireless internet access

  • third bed was not setup

  • no free breakfast

  • longer than expected wait for shuttle

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