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For Norwegian Cruise Line cruises, you can often get it as one of the "perks" you select during booking (what they call the Prepaid or Freestyle Choice Plan). If you didn't, you can buy an Internet package on board the ship.

First thing to note is that all plans requires a one time $3.95 activation fee. The first plan which includes 250 minutes costs $125, which translates to 50 cents a minute. The 100 minute plan is $75 which is 0.75 cents/min, and you can do a pay-as-you go for 95 cents a minute. On the other hand, an unlimited internet plan will set you back $209.93 for a 7 day cruise.

These were from the Norwegian Escape. They were very high prices and because of that, we chose not to buy any and instead relied on slower, international data from our own phone plans when we were at the ports. Hopefully NCL will move to more reasonable pricing for Internet access on their cruise ships in the future.

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