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From our recent cruise aboard the Emerald Princess, we obtained a list of the television channels of programs available inside the cabin. Our stateroom had a nice 32" flat screen TV. The lineup of stations looks to be plenty, but actually many of them are used by Princess to advertise excursions, future cruises, etc. I was a bit disappointed that there was not a single sports channel- no ESPN or Eurosport even though on the listing it said it had it. Perhaps it was an anomaly for this particular cruise. I am pleased to report, however, that they did show live Football games on the big "Movie on the Stars" screen on deck 15 midship. An NFL Sunday game was shown, as was the Monday Night Football game.

Unsurprisingly, there was no specific channel for kids- no cartoons or educational children's programming.

Television Channels

  • 21: Princess Channel - morning wake show, itinerary tips & information

  • 22: TV Guide - scrolling summary of today's TV programming

  • 23: Emerald TV Channel - America's most popular sitcoms

  • 24: Movie Channel - first run movie releases

  • 25: Romance Channel - classic and romance movies

  • 27: Rewind - movies already shown in the theater or on movies under the stars. See the Princess Platter for daily listings

  • 28: Discovery Channel

  • 29: Lifestyle Channel - home and garden TV, Food Network, Cooking Channel and Travel Network

  • 30: Port & Shopping - port information & shopping spotlight

  • 31: Reflections Channel - Updates from the onboard videographers

  • 32: EFFY Collection - the world of EFFY Jewelry

  • 33: Shore Excursions - Port and excursion information

  • 34: Future Cruise Channel

  • 35: Art Channel - art history and onboard artist information

  • 36: CNBC

  • 37: BBC World

  • 38: MSNBC

  • 39: Fox News

  • 40: ESPN

  • 41: ESPN 2

  • 42: Event Channel - additional programming when available

  • 43: Prime US - Television dramas, comedies, animation, feature films and special events

  • 44: Webcam - views from the bridge and shipboard announcements

  • 45: Scan Display - current location information

  • 46/47: Music Channels

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We returned from the Ruby Princess on a 10 Day Mexico trip in March of 2016, and the TV channel line-up was pretty much the same except these differences:

  • Channel 26 was added, called the "Family Movie Channel"

  • Channel 27 has changed to Animal Planet

  • Channel 32 is now Shore Excursions, while 33 is Future Cruise sale channel, and 34 is Art Channel

  • Channel 35 is now the Prime US channel, which used to be on 43

  • Channel 42 is now the Scan Display with information from the bridge

  • Channel 43 is now the cruise ship's bow webcam

  • Channel 44/45 are now the music channels

See the attached image for the updated Princess Cruises in-stateroom television lineup.

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