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Paradis was billed as the "ultimate tribute" to the world famous Parisian Cabaret. We saw on first during our 2015 Transatlantic Cruise on the Norwegian Star on Day 13 (the port was Amsterdam). NCL indicated that it was once of its newest production shows. They described it as spectacular, chic yet bohemian providing a glimpse into a mysterious Paris nightclub filled with intrigue, glamour and sensual sensations (use your own imagination on that one Smile). With over a hundred costumes, this show is a visual feast; prepare to be delighted. This was one of the few shows where if you come late, they will not let you into the Stardust Theater. Not sure how that was enforced, but they probably shut the doors when the show began. They did not allow any photography during the show, though we were able to snap one at the end. Kids without their parents were not allowed to sit by themselves in the first three rows.

We were pretty impressed by the show with its eye-candy in terms of sexy costumes and provocative dancing plus powerful vocals. The accompanying songs were energetic and went well, for the most part. Some of the segments were a bit odd, however, especially bizarre, head-scratching portion of the show called "2 girls and 1 boy in a box" done in German.

This production was actually not an elaborate collaboration between various different entertainers on the ship, like the excellent Elements show we saw on the Norwegian Spirit & Jade. The talented ship acrobats did participate, however, as did the strong-man Yuri, but they provided simply cameo appearances. Overall we liked the presentation- it was better quality-wise than the other dance and song shows on the cruise. We still think that "Elements" is still a more entertaining production, but nonetheless you should not miss Paradis if you happened to be on the Star, because for now that is the only ship you can see the fabulous show at sea (or land for that matter).

Not so coincidentally, the ship held a "Black & Red" Ball" at the Spinnaker Lounge later the same night. That was described as New Orleans Meets Latin Fever. Masquerade masks and fancy garbs were optional.

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