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Royal Caribbean offers free onboard credit (OBC) ranging from $50 to $250 for those who hold shares in the company (symbol: RCL). You would get, per stateroom, $50 for sailings of 5 nights or less, $100 for cruises between 6 to 9 nights, $200 for 10 to 13 nights, and $250 for 14 or more nights. We were to embark on our first Celebrity cruise, a brand owned by Royal Caribbean, and decided to take advantage of this offer. Cruise guests of Azamara Club Cruises are also eligible.

The offer is detailed in this PDF: tter-2015.pdf

Official FAQ & info at

These were the steps I took to get the OBC:

  1. Since the shareholder benefit offer instructions accepts email (to [email protected]), that is the method I would be using to submit the application. They also accept mail (to Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd., Investor Benefit, P.O. Box 025511, Miami, FL 33102-5511) or fax (305-373-6699)

  2. I logged into my online brokerage and printed out the trade confirmation as a PDF file.

  3. I wrote the following email- please feel free to use this as a template for your request:


Reservation Booking #: ____

Hi- please apply the $____ onboard credit shareholder benefit for my upcoming ____ day Royal Caribbean (change to Celebrity or Azamara Club as applicable) cruise. Please see attached for a copy of the trade confirmation my recent purchase (or change to: a copy of my brokerage statement indicating ownership) of 100+ shares of Royal Caribbean stock.

  • Name: ______

  • Address: ________

  • Phone Number: ______

  • Email Address: _______

  • Ship & Sailing Date: ______

  • Confirmation Number: ______

  • Crown & Anchor Society, Captain’s Club or Le Club Voyage Number (If applicable): ___________

Thanks and please let me know if you have any questions.

  • Remember to ATTACH the trade confirmation copy/brokerage statement to the email.

  • Note that even though Royal Caribbean doesn't mention Trade Confirmation as one of the documents they accept, our benefits were approved within 3 hours after sending the email at around noon central time. This was the response by the Royal Caribbean shareholder benefit team:


Thank you for contacting our Shareholder Benefit Team. As a valued shareholder and guest, you are very important to us. On behalf of our company, it is my pleasure to respond to your correspondence.

We applied your Shareholder Benefit onboard credit to your booking for $200.00. While your onboard credit has been added, it may not immediately appear on your SeaPass folio on the first day of your cruise. Please allow up to two days into your sailing for the credit to reflect on your account.

Thank you again for choosing to sail with us. We hope you and your wife have a wonderful cruise.


Shareholder Benefit Team.

Royal Caribbean Cruises, Ltd.

That was FAST and a very smooth process. We already had an onboard credit of $125 courtesy of my travel agent, so that should bring it up to $325. Interestingly, the $200 showed up right away when I logged into, selected my cruise, and picked "Cruise Planner":

I imagine the $125 from my travel agent would be showing up later, lol.

If you have any questions please feel free to ask or leave a comment on your experience on whether you were approved or rejected in your Royal Caribbean shareholder credit application (please note that if you had any promotional OBC already in your booking and what type it was).

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